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What Is the Movement?

The Earth.Org Movement is a growing body of global citizens who share a love for our planet home and wish to see their children grow up in a thriving, healthy society, home to a diverse range of animal and plant species and free from pollution.

If you share this desire, join now. Each new member takes us a step in the right direction. 

What You Get

Stay Informed

Earth.Org offers in-depth articles, analysis, and research on a wide range of environmental topics, including climate change, energy, pollution, biodiversity, conservation, and more. Stay ahead of the curve and deepen your understanding of critical environmental issues.

Support Independent Journalism

As a non-profit newsroom, your support is critical to our sustainability. Earth.Org is committed to providing unbiased and evidence-based reporting. By joining our membership program, you help sustain our independent journalism, free from corporate influence or bias. Your support enables us to continue delivering high-quality content that matters.

Drive Positive Impact​



By supporting Earth.Org, you actively contribute to growing a global environmental movement. Your membership helps fund initiatives, research projects, and campaigns that promote sustainability, conservation, and policy changes. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future

Connect With a Community​



Join a like-minded community of individuals who share your passion for the environment. Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate with fellow members who are committed to protecting our planet. Together, we can amplify our voices and inspire collective action.

What the Movement Believes In

The Movement's core beliefs guide every action we take and inform our mission to safeguard our planet. We are committed to a future where our environment takes precedence, recognizing that a healthy Earth is vital for the survival and prosperity of all who call it home.

Earth First

We prioritize the health of our planet above all else. By putting our planet first, we ensure that the natural systems we depend on are preserved for future generations.

Sharing Is Caring

We emphasize the importance of coexistence and sustainable practices that benefit both nature and humanity. By sharing our planet responsibly, we can avoid overexploitation and ensure that natural resources are available for everyone.

Rights Are Universal​



We believe in the universal rights of all beings – humans and wildlife alike. Each species plays a critical role in the ecological balance, and respecting these rights is essential for our planet’s wellbeing.

Connect With a Community​



Decisions should transcend politics, focusing instead on the well-being of communities and individuals. We advocate for policies that prioritize people, ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all.

Join the Movement

Choose the Monthly Membership that suits you. Become a part of the Movement that's striving to build a sustainable future.

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    Movement Membership for up to 4 family members
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  • Individual

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    Movement Membership for one person
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  • Student

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    Movement Membership for one student
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What Our Members Say...

Stellar, CEO

"I've been a loyal follower of Earth.Org for years, and I can't say how much the world needs it. For our children and for the future of the planet."

Laye, Mrs

"I found because of the news and articles on the Climate Crisis on the website. Now my children use Earth.Org Kids for insightful easy-to-understand articles. I am super excited about Earth.Radio and feel that being a member of Movement makes me a part of something really incredible."

Enoch, Art

"The Earth Radio Project is something we really grabs me. An environmental news radio station focused on what is happening to our planet and what we can do about it...that is something the world desperately needs."

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